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Being a parent isn’t easy… how we interact with our children impacts their health, education, and success in life. Daily demands, limited time, and stress challenge our ability to be the most effective parents possible. The Family Center is here to help!

Through education, skill building, and personal insights; moms, dads, or other caregivers grow their parenting skills.

Topics include: Child Development, Self-Esteem, Communication, Child Safety, Handling Stress, Parenting Styles, and Managing Behaviors.

Nurturing Family is a companion program for children. Research shows that a
2-generational approach to learning has an even greater impact! Children are led in developmentally appropriate activities that coincide with parent group topics so that the family can practice what they’ve learned together!

This option is not available for all groups times/locations.

Times & Locations

Monday 5:30-7:00pm in Murfreesboro

Wednesday 5:30-7:00pm in Nashville

Saturday 10:30-12:00pm in Smyrna
(this location does not offer Nurturing Family)


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What happens after I register online?

You may start the program immediately after signing up unless you registered the day the program meets, then you’ll start class on the following week. Otherwise, staff will attempt to call and schedule a day with you.

What time do I need to arrive the first time?

You should plan to arrive 30 minutes early the first time. If you arrive later than 15 minutes before start time, we will allow you to complete paperwork but you will not be able to attend that day. We’ll schedule an alternative date for you to begin attending.

What happens if I’m late?

At The Family Center, we understand life has its challenges.  We keep the door open until 10 minutes after start time.  If you arrive later than 10 minutes after, you will not be able to attend. This helps our educators stay on target with time and respects the other students. If you arrive over 10 minutes late and find the door locked, please call our office the next day to explore your options.

Do I need to attend all sessions to receive a certificate? 

All Positive Parenting and Nurturing Family sessions must be attended within 16 weeks to obtain a certificate.

What are the costs of the program?

Program fees are based on a sliding scale in Davidson County.

Classes are offered free of charge in Rutherford County.

What do I need to bring to class?

The Family Center is required to document household income for Positive Parenting & Nurturing Family participants. Please bring documents that verify this information such as pay stubs, government benefit letters, tax returns, etc.

Is this program accepted by courts and DCS?

The Positive Parenting, Nurturing Family, & Nurturing Home programs are accepted by both the Courts and DCS. The Family Center may only release your information IF you sign a release of information. A release of information will be given to you at your first session.

What happens to meetings on days/evenings of severe weather?

The Family Center typically follows public school closures (Murfreesboro City in Rutherford County, Metro Nashville Public Schools in Davidson County). However, please call The Family Center at 615-333-2644 (Davidson) or 615-890-4673 (Rutherford) and listen to the voicemail recording. The Family Center will give as much notice as possible when a meeting has been canceled.


Can I bring my kids?

You may bring your children if they are enrolled in the Nurturing Family program. Nurturing Family is offered at limited locations:

  • Mondays in Murfreesboro at Patterson Park Community Center
  • Wednesdays in Nashville at St Edwards School

If you are attending a meeting that is not on this list, then please find child care for your children during that time.

Do my kids have to come to all 8 sessions?

We would love for them to, but this is not a requirement for your completion of the program.