How you affect lives…


Here’s what our Change Makers can do!

$10,000 allows… 5 families to break multi-generational cycles of trauma through in-home coaching

$5,000 helps… 150 staff in area jails and local court systems to integrate Trauma-Informed cultures

$2,500 provides… 10 families at high risk for abuse or neglect the chance to reduce their risk

$1,000 empowers… 10 parents struggling with divorce, separation, deployment, etc. with co-parenting skills

$500 offers… 1 family impacted by substance abuse the opportunity to rebuild parent/child relationships

$250 helps… 2 incarcerated moms strengthen their chances of reconnecting with their children

$100 supports… advocacy efforts for & increased awareness of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

$50 supplies… dinner for 20 families in Nurturing Family program (adults & children)


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