Escaping Abuse: Lala’s Story

Her mom was 16 when Lala was born…life was chaotic with a young, single mom always on the move. “We never lived in one place for more than a few months… never had roots anywhere”. Life for Lala was… “violent, stressful, hopeless”.

Now she’s an adult, a mom to two boys, and recovering from an abusive relationship… abuse that her 8 year old child witnessed. Dealing with the trauma of physical violence, the uncertainty of starting over, and the pressures of being a single mom, Lala often found herself losing her temper with her kids.  “I dealt with them by yelling, screaming, tuning out… just leave me alone”. She knew, from her own childhood experience, the impact witnessing violence could have on a child. She could see that the abuse had left her son scarred but she felt helpless to do anything about it… that’s when she reached out to The Family Center.

“TFC classes helped me stay consistent with my kids… helped me understand my kids and how to talk to them. Questions like “How was your day?” “How are you feeling?” They’d never had that before. Since we started Positive Parenting, Nurturing Family, and Nurturing Home, life has done a total 180… peace, laughter, lots of laughter, love, trust… my kids trust me! They can depend on me!” she says with a huge grin. “I absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, recommend TFC. You’d be surprised how learning little tools can help you change things as a parent”.

Lala is one of many people coming to TFC’s parenting classes with challenges that are met with compassion, understanding, and practical tools for building those important relationships with children… the kind that wire their brains for resiliency, empathy, and connection. Now with her TFC classes completed, Lala has chosen to give back to her community… one of the greatest gifts she can give… her testimony to other parents and caregivers of the healing that can happen when a parent steps out of pain and gives from the heart by reinvesting in themselves and their kids.